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Maria Kakhiani


I love the mysterious. I like to think, study, explore, build hypotheses, find inspiration and come up with ideas.
I believe that minimalism is the basis of sincerity, talent and inspiration. That's why there is a limited palette in my work.
My credo in life and in art is always!
Always be myself, always do what you think is right, always achieve your goal.

Maria Kakhiani was born and lives in Moscow. She received a degree in pedagogy and preschool psychology from the Lenin Moscow State Pedagogical University.
Since childhood fond of art, tried different materials in drawing, especially favorite were pencil and watercolor. She studied and developed as an artist independently. Over the past five years, more paints in oil.
Painting is a reflection of our worldview. For Maria it is an opportunity to transfer energy from person to person. She draws inspiration from unlocking the mysteries of the old masters, their such an easy and transparent technique. Painting for the artist is a search for opportunities to harmoniously combine the old and the new, history and the future. For paintings in the style of realism it inspires literature, film, and most importantly - observations of nature in all its forms, animals and people.
Images of literary characters and images of real people are an inexhaustible source of inspiration.
The main technique of the artist is multi-layered painting with a limited palette. But the limited palette does not limit Maria's creativity at all. The interaction of colors with each other gives ample opportunity for creation.
Trying to be always on the wave, the artist always follows the news in the art world, studies fashion trends, participates in various exhibitions and events.

Maria Kakhiani



1) Exhibition "Orange Mood" Diploma №3842

2)Exhibition-research "Earth. ver.20.22. Why android Nature?". Diploma #2977

3)Nikas Safronov's NFT project "NFT-
Christmas tree" - 2022
4) Michelangelo`s brush 2021 Italy -/ Nomination -art/ II Prize 80/100 points / Diploma

5)Luxembourg Art Prize 2021 luxemburg -
Nomination - painting / Diploma

6)Dali`s Mustache 2021 Spain - Nomination -art/ II Prize 80/100 points / Diploma

7)GoldenTimeTalent 2021 Great Britain -
Nomination - painting / 1st place / Diploma

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