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Maria Kizima


The purpose of my work is to help people shine on their life path, to fill their space with the energies of vital light and coziness.
A special part of my paintings are in relief technique and abstract.

I was born in the sea city of Vladivostok. It was the time when my love to visual art began to emerge. I fell in love with the beauty of the sea, the storm, the texture of the stones.
Then my family decided to move to the town of Mineralny Vody. There were a lot of mountains and mineral springs. Mountains are my second great love after the sea.
Later we moved to St. Petersburg. For me, this city is a combination of conciseness, minimalism and splendor at the same time. This is a city where the spirit of art lives. In St. Petersburg I began my creative way.
Except art I study psychology, feelings and emotions of people. So now I work not only as an artist but also as a mindset expert.

Maria Kizima



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