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Mariia Kiseleva


I want to bring beauty, harmony and tranquility to the world with my creativity. I am concerned about the topics of motherhood, ecology and people's health. My paintings bring peace in the stormy ocean of everyday life. I am inspired by the nature that surrounds me, the son and husband who support me. Creativity is a daily magic that allows you to use visual images to say what's on my mind.

Maria Kiseleva was born in the small town of Velikiye Luki in Russia, and moved to Moscow at the age of 6. In 2012, she graduated from the Peoples' Friendship University of Russia with a degree in general medicine, and then received the specialty of a pediatrician. During her studies, she took part in creative projects. These were collages with congratulations, creative photo shoots, organization of events.
In July 2016, together with her husband, Maria moved to Berlin. Her journey to a new country began from scratch, she studied German, communicated with people from different countries, prepared for the exam, which she successfully passed in 2018, then became pregnant and began to learn to draw.
Maria's career began with alcohol markers, and a year later she tried watercolor and fell in love. Creativity helped her to meet artists in Berlin, and also became a salvation in a series of routine days with a child. During quarantine, creativity helped fight anxiety and compensated for the inability to communicate with people.
In May 2020, acrylic was added to Maria's arsenal of skills, which gave her the freedom to express herself, create without fear of mistakes, and enjoy the process immensely.

Mariia Kiseleva



05/22 "Earth. Version 2022. Artificial Intelligence - Why?" Darwin museum Moscow
04/22. Exhibition "By the Selfie Method" St. Petersburg
08/21 “Botanicals" Colors of Humanity Art Gallery
08/21 "ALL Water/Seascape" Contemporary Art Gallery Online Art Competition & Exhibition Portal
12/21 NFT Tree: Artists for Artists

10/21-Mystical berlin
03.22- Coffee Art Exhibition

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