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Mila K.

I create interior decor. Both decorative and functional. Made of porcelain or ceramic

I like to create things that excite the imagination and evoke good emotions .
I am interested in different directions in ceramics.
I am in love with this kind of art.

I was born in 1974
Ever since I was a kid, I've seen the world from my own point of view.
There were a lot of art books at home, and I leafed through them for hours, I liked the classic drawing, but it did not excite my imagination, and myths, legends, fairy tales came to life
After school, life took a completely different course. But I lived in Moscow, where there are many museums, exhibitions, galleries. Which I like to visit.
When my inner artist protested against me! I wanted to make my fantasies come true on canvas. I started to find teachers, learned to draw, mastered various techniques, oil, acrylic, watercolor, pastel. I found my own style and called it <<Surreal symbolism in the technique of naive art>.
I painted only for my friends on canvases and walls.
Love made me fall in love with porcelain. My husband is a pottery technologist.
So, six or seven years ago, I started to learn a new profession.
I studied with different masters of porcelain painting, different techniques of decorating from different materials.
When I realized that I didn't have enough shapes, I found a sculpture teacher to sculpt from porcelain. During my studies, I spent 2 years making a Christmas tree toy for the company <<CLAY STREET>>
Now I am learning to sculpt large clay molds by hand. I have something to tell in this form of creativity
I hope you like my fantasies.

Mila K.



NFT- Christmas tree. Nikos Safronov's Project and Master of Arts

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