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Svetlana Kazmina


My paintings are a Pandora's Box of all your happy memories and pictures of life.
Each person lives in the moment "here and now" and in the warmth of memories that warm them.
I want you to feel the whole world of saturated bright colors that prevail in my works and saw in them a part of myself.
Each of my pictures is my warm memory which I want to share with you.

Svetlana Kazmina was born in Donetsk in 1994.
Since childhood, she loved to draw and spent all her free time with brushes and paints in her hands.
In 2002, she enrolled in an art school and successfully graduated.
In 2013, she left her studies and decided to devote all her time to art.
"The idea that I wanted to tie my life to art came to me when, as a child, I discovered this magical world of art while in my nanny's studio.
The walls covered in paintings became my universe, an abode of peace and happiness".
Faced with a lack of development and depression due to the war in 2014 in Donetsk - she moved to Moscow and worked in another field for a while.
Her thirst to create and communicate her thoughts to people through paintings made her return to creativity.
The war opened for her a new perspective on existing things, the understanding that in this world there is nothing more stable than we are for ourselves.
For the last 2 years she has been actively attending master classes and internships with various Russian artists.
She works mainly with acrylics, as they allow her to work quickly and to enjoy a large number of new works.

Svetlana Kazmina



May/July 2022 participated in an exhibition at the Art Centre "ART Box" in Riviera Shopping Centre
April 2022 participated in the exhibition "W&P Gallery" Moscow

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