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Yanita Sunny


"I believe that art should bring joy. I create my works only in good mood, knowing that they will absorb all the emotions and feelings that I experienced. My paintings harmonize in a special way the energy of spaces, saturating them with power, light and love. Peace, joy, love!"

Yanita Sunny is an artist, traveler and energy therapist from St. Petersburg, who changed her native northern capital to southern Sochi in 2020. Yanita has been traveling for many years, she has 31 countries behind her.

Yanita paints on canvases with acrylics, paints walls, makes streetart transforming walls of outdoor spaces and decorate cross sections of the trees. Also, recently, she plunged into the study and creation of digital art and NFT. You can find her animated and lively canvases which are already presented in the space of the Metaverse, some of them were created in collaboration with Russian musicians.

The artist is self-taught, in 2016 she graduated from Daniil Falin's Aerography courses, she is always in search and continues to learn various techniques.

Since 2022, Yanita has been a resident of the international association of artists ASM-CLUB. She actively participates in exhibitions of paintings, which are also for sale in an international online gallery in Europe.

The artist has a 7-year musical career behind her as a DJ in such directions as d'n'b, funk, breakbeat and currently she willingly creates joint art projects with other musicians.

Also, Yanita has been actively engaged in self-development for 9 years and she is a certified Access Bars energy massage practitioner. These and other energy practices, the influence of which is clearly seen in her work, fill her paintings with joy, light, love and depth. Each artwork is charged with a specific request, like inspiration, a meeting with a twin soul, harmonization of relations with relatives, an impulse for change and other requests.

Since 2017, Yanita has been involved in street art, painting her first concrete arch in the Italian city of Dolo near Venice. Later, her love for street art inspired her to create new works in her travels on the streets of Thailand and Malaysia, Mexico and Russia.

According to Yanita: "The best inspiration for me is new emotions, new places and impressions." And indeed her life can hardly be called boring. She worked as a decorator on private yachts in Europe, as a leading artist at master classes in restaurants in St. Petersburg and Sochi, participated as a volunteer artist and decorator in 5 international art projects and at music and art festivals in France, Italy and Spain.
Currently, the artist lives in Sochi, where she continues to create canvases and come up with new creative ideas to decorate street spaces.

Yanita Sunny



Sochi - July 2022. Personal exhibition "TRU ENERGY" at the cafe TRU FEEL.

Moscow – June 2022. Participant of the exhibition “By the Selfie Method” at the Urbanfresco Gallery.

Sochi – May 2022. Participant of the exhibition “New nature” at the Arton Gallery.

Germany - July 2019. Creation of the street art "No plastic, please" as part of the WINESTREETARTFESTIVAL in the village of Gonheim.

Voronezh - 2018. Participant of the exhibition at the Art Museum "Inverted House".

Paris - December-January 2017-2018. The painting "Leo" was selected for the exhibition of paintings in France in the gallery "METANOIA".

YICCA 2017. The work "Listen to your heart" was a participant in the International Contest of Contemporary Art.

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